To manage your subscription:

Step 1

Navigate to the Promotions page and click on View All.

Step 2

In the Actions column click on Join Promotion or View Products of a promotion you already have subscribed products.


Step 3

You are redirected to the Submitted Products page.

Actions that you can take:

  • > Update Promo Price

  • > Update Promo Stock

  • > Remove Product from promotion

  • > Change Date slot if applicable

  • > Check the Subscription Status of a Product:

  • > Pending: The product subscription is being processed

  • > Approved: The product was subscribed in at least one venture where the promotion is available in

  • > Rejected: The product subscription was rejected in all ventures that the promotion is available in. You can see the rejection reasons per venture by clicking on the button “See Why

  • > Unsubscribed: The product was unsubscribed by a Jumia representative. You can contact support to know more about the product unsubscription

For promotions with Status:

  • >> Open: You have all the actions enabled: Promo Price, Promo Stock, Remove product and Date Slot

  • >> Idle, Cancelled, Expired, Ongoing: All Actions are disabled

  • >> Repleted: You can change the Promo Price and Stock and Remove the product. You cannot change the slot because there are no slots available

  • >> If the Products were subscribed by a Commercial Planner: All actions are disabled. If you hover the product you’ll see the message: “Please contact your account manager if you desire to change offers you submitted offline” as you can see in the image below

Note: You can check the validations done on the Promo Price and Stock fields hereStep 3 of UI Flow section