Jumia Commission & Order Processing Fees.

Jumia charges Commission grid per category and Order Processing fees.

The commission is mandatory for each order and will be charged once the order is successfully delivered to the customer.

  1. Commission and order processing fees charges are determined by the product category.
  2. It is charged ONLY on items successfully delivered to customers.
  3. It will be directly applied on the weekly account statement
  4. The commissions are charged to enable Jumia to scale up marketing investment in the strategic categories, which in turn attracts many more customers and increase your sales as a vendor.

Below is the summary of changes in commissions NOW LIVE on seller center;

To know which  commission to apply on your Seller Center, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the Settings tab in seller center

Step 2: Click Your Profile.

Step 3: Click on commission and fees.

Step 4:  Click on view at the extreme right of the page for; commissionRateLocal to see Commission for local sellers.

Note; The category you select for your product (up on product upload)determines what  commission you will be charged.

Step 5: Click the + sign to expand categories and show sub-categories. Once you find the – sign for a sub-category and the message “no sub-categories found”, that shows the actual commission fee for that category.

New Order Processing Fees Summary, NOW LIVE on seller center.

How to calculate your jumia product price

Jumia Product Price = (Item price + order processing and shipping fees)/ (1- commission)

For example;

If you are selling a dress at Ugx 50,000, dress  category is fashion which is 20% and processing fees for fashion is Ugx 2000.

Your price on Jumia will be (50,000+2,000)/(1-0.2) = Ugx 65000

After a product is delivered successfully, jumia deducts its commission and processing fees and pays you your Ugx 50,000

For example;

(Jumia Unit Price – Processing fess) x (1- Jumia commission)

=(65000-2000)*(1-0.2) = Ugx 50,000.