Jumia Commission & Order Processing Fees.

Much as registering to sell on Jumia is free, Jumia charges Commission grid per category and Order Processing fees. 

  • Commission and order processing fees charges are determined by the product category.
  • It is charged ONLY on items successfully delivered to customers.
  • The commissions are charged to enable Jumia to scale up marketing investment in the strategic categories, which in turn attracts many more customers and increase your sales as a vendor.

Check the Commission & order processing summary below;

To know which  commission to apply, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the Settings tab in seller center

Step 2: Click Your Profile.

Step 3: Click on commission and fees.

Step 4:  Click on view at the extreme right of the page for; commissionRateLocal to see Commission for local sellers.

Note; The category you select for your product (up on product upload)determines what  commission you will be charged.

Step 5: Click the + sign to expand categories and show sub-categories. Once you find the – sign for a sub-category and the message “no sub-categories found”, that shows the actual commission fee for that category.

How to calculate your jumia product price

Jumia Product Price = (Item price + order processing and shipping fees)/ (1- commission)

For example;

If you are selling a dress at Ugx 50,000, dress  category is fashion which is 20% and processing fees for fashion is Ugx 2000.

Your price on Jumia will be (50,000+2,000)/(1-0.2) = Ugx 65000

After a product is delivered successfully, jumia deducts its commission and processing fees and pays you your Ugx 50,000

For example;

(Jumia Unit Price – Processing fess) x (1- Jumia commission)

=(65000-2000)*(1-0.2) = Ugx 50,000.