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What People Say About Selling on Jumia

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Martin Alvin Walugembe

“My shop name is Alvin beats. I sell school workbooks.  I never cancel orders because I have my products in Jumia consignment. In a good week I get about 50 orders. For any one receiving few orders, I advise them to do good research on the preferences of the customers and focus on the seasons”


Rubanda-Mayonza a fashion seller on Jumia from 2017

“I started selling on Jumia in 2017 under a shop name, Rubanda-Mayonza fashion; Designer clothing and apparel for men and women.

After realising that my designs had limited opportunity offline and witnessing first hand the difficulties faced by the local designers, I decided to list them on Jumia. To me, Jumia is a nation of eager customers.

It provided me the platform to compete against big fashion brands and I am beginning to establish Rubanda -Mayonza as a successful brand in the online retail space.

Jumia made it possible for me to identify the potential of online selling and I aimed at selling my designs across the country, overcoming the barriers of an offline designer shop.

We are now expanding to new territories across the country with Jumia Countywide Delivery. I found online success on Jumia. I have seen a 12x growth in my business.” Says Rubanda-Mayonza a fashion seller on Jumia from 2017, when asked on a phone interview about his journey selling on Jumia.

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