Maintain a good seller score and watch your business grow.

As Jumia is a marketplace customers need to choose among many vendors. Trust is one of the biggest barriers to the growth of eCommerce in Uganda. To guarantee the quality and availability of products from different vendors, customers are shown a seller score to help them make a decision on which vendor to purchase from. Seller Score shows how reliable a vendor is.

Importance of seller score.

Your Seller Score is the best indicator of your current operational performance and is used by:

  • Customers who see it on your product detail pages (it is thus an extra-incentive for them to buy a product from your shop if your score is good or on the contrary it might prevent them from buying from you if your score is poor)
  • Jumia to decide if your products deserve increased visibility (because we know you will fulfil the extra-orders you will receive thanks to this “boosting” and that you will ship quality products that meet customer expectations) or reduced visibility (because you tend not to ship all the orders you receive and/or ship products not meeting customer expectations so we need to reduce the risk of disappointing them)
  • You / Seller to see what you should improve in order to have a perfect score (5/5)
What determines your seller score? 
  • The “Cancellation rate” indicates the reliability of your store. This is the percentage of orders you have cancelled or cancelled by system due to late fulfillment in the last 28 days against the number of all shipment types (Drop-shipping and Jumia Express_if any stocks are at the warehouse)
  • The “Return rate “is the percentage of items that have been returned by customers in the last 28 days and are all vendor fault reasons for the return against the number of delivered orders in the same time period.
  • The Average customer rating is the average stars that have been rated and reviewed by customers for confirmed purchases in the last 28 days on your seller profile on the website

You can see your Seller Score on the Vendor Center homepage.

Why should you care about your Seller Score now?

Your Seller Score is refreshed on each Sunday and is calculated based on your operational performance of the past month so, in order to have the best Seller Score possible, you need to ship on time 100% of the orders you receive & make sure none of those orders have quality issue (wrong product, used product, counterfeit product…) that would force customers to return it.

If you do so, your Seller Score will be at its best which means that, your whole catalog will get an extra boost online and all your product pages will display your operational excellence, which again is an extra-incentive for customers to buy your product when they land on its page.

Tips to improve your Seller Score:

  • To make sure your cancellation rate is as low as possible, you need to fulfill all your orders and do it fast (within 48h). Please note customer cancellations do not impact your cancellation rate.
  • To make sure your quality return rate is as low as possible, you need to make sure:
  1. You don’t ship products with inherent defects that will frustrate your customers.
  2. You have detailed product pages that set the right expectations for your customers.
  3. You pay attention to your product ratings and customer reviews to enhance the quality of what you sell.

In case your Seller Score is below 3, you are charged with a “contribution for low Seller Score”

This contribution is applied to your account statement on a weekly basis. It is always proportional to your sales of the week (the higher your sales the higher your contribution) and proportional to your Seller Score of the week (the lower your score the higher your contribution). Since your Seller Score is refreshed every week.

How contribution to low seller score is calculated;