We’re excited to announce two new features on Vendor Center that will give you more control over your products and improve your overall order management experience!

Product Activation/Deactivation Button Now Live

Managing your product availability just got easier! You can now activate or deactivate individual products directly on your Vendor Center. This allows you to quickly adjust your inventory based on stock levels, seasonality, or any other reason.

Enhanced Order Return Information

We understand that understanding product returns is crucial for your business. To provide you with more transparency, you can now view the specific reason(s) for a return and the party responsible (customer or Jumia or Vendor) directly on Vendor Center.

We added a whole section to the returned order page on your store explaining why the team returned the order to you. This reason may differ from the customer’s reason for return and includes a picture showing the condition of the return

Here’s how to access it:

  • Go to the “Order Management” section on your Vendor Center.
  • Click on the “Returns” tab.
  • Select the desired order number.
  • Click on the Order number
  • Click on the “expand” button to view detailed return information.

Seller Tiering

To enhance our search and relevance of assortment, we will have some limitations on how many products you can create in your shop. 

How it works? 

Click on Settings > Manage Products on your Vendor Center account


Sellers will have a tier determined by their sales in the last 90 days. The more you sell, the more new products you can create. Each level has a maximum number of active products allowed. Please see the following table, new seller in tier G with a limitation of 5000 SKUs:

When the limit is reached, the system will display the following message

“You have reached your product creation limit, please refer to the Product Creation Limit table or contact support.”

At this point, you can take the following measures:

  • Increase sales by optimizing product content, checking customer needs, and participating in promotions, to increase the level to obtain more active SKUs.

  • Delete low-volume, underperforming products to make room for creating new products.

Vendor Center Mobile App

To install a Web App – Android
  1. On your Android device, open Chrome   .
  2. Go to vendorcenter.jumia.com
  3. For first time users a prompt will show, Tap Install
    1. Old users click share
    2. Use add to home screen if you don’t see the option install in the setting
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
To install one on iOS or iPadOS, 
  • Open the site vendorcenter.jumia.com on safari,
  • choose the Share up-arrow at the bottom of the screen
  • select Add to Home Screen.
If done properly the application should show as any normal app without the browser URL

Search By Product Name 

Local sellers are now able to search their products by product name. Which reduces some level of complexity they have been complaining about.

Copy a Product

Creating a product with the same specifications but different colors and images is easy, with copy a product option.

1. Locate the Product: Find the product you want to copy in your product list.

2. Copy the Product: Click on the copy product icon as shown below:

3. Automatic Creation: The product is automatically created as a new product and appears on the ‘Add Product’ page. 

4. Edit the New Product:

  • SKU: Update the SKU to a unique identifier.
  • Color: Change the color to the new variant.
  • Price: Adjust the price if necessary.
  • Images: Upload the new images for this product variant.
  • Stock: Update the stock quantity.
  • Variations: Modify any other variations as required.

5. Submit: Once all changes are made, click submit to save the new product.

By following these steps, you can quickly create multiple product variants with minimal effort