What are Sponsored Products?

  • Sponsored products ads allow you to promote your products in search result pages and other positions to relevant and targeted customers.
  • It helps you stand out from competition and display your best products at the right time in the consumer’s journey.
  • Based on the products that you are promoting we match their keywords automatically to the search terms that shoppers are searching for. When a shopper searches using words or terms relevant to your products, your ads can appear along with the other products in the search results or in the category page.

To grow your sales, you need to increase your visibility, this means increasing the number of customers that see your products on Jumia. Sponsored products will help you boost your product’s visibility, and if your products have the best prices and top content, you will increase your sales.

                                                          To get started;

How do you access sponsored products?

Step 1. Log in to your seller center and go to promotions 

Step 2. Click on Sponsored Products 

Step 3. A sponsored products page will open, go to “Click here”

Step 4. A new page will appear, click on the blue URL to log in to the dashboard.

Step 5. You will be taken to the Mabaya backend, where you are able to choose a package to purchase for sponsored products.

After choosing your plan, you can manually select products to sponsor by clicking on the plus sign below,

 After selecting th products, submit then use the on and off button to sponsor different products


-Your products will appear on the top page. 

-You can monitor and optimize your campaign.

-You pay per number of impressions used


  • An impression occurs whenever an ad is shown to a shopper. The impressions metric counts how many times your ad has been shown to shoppers.
  • Sponsored products ads look like native products, with a word sponsored beneath the product. As shown below.
  • Payments are deducted from your next jumia payout. 
  • You are charged weekly depending on how much you have used