Update a price of a product via CSV

After accessing VC:

Step 1

  • Navigate to the Products page and click on Import/Export

Step 2

Export products that the price will be updated:

  • Select the Type: Price

  • Select the Action: Export

  • Click Next

  • Apply filters

      • Date: when the product was created

      • Countries: select the countries of the products to be filtered

  • Click Export

Step 3

Do the price changes on the product you want to do the price update.

The Price Update action allows you to:

  • Add local price if there was not any before

  • Change the Global / Local prices

  • Add / Change the Special price with valid start and end dates

Step 4

Import the file:

  • Select the Type: Price

  • Select the Action: Import

  • Click Next

  • Upload the file

Step 5

Monitor the import in the Import History.

The Status can be:

  • Pending: The file is not being processed yet.

  • In progress: The file is being processed.

  • Completed: The file was successfully processed.

  • Failed: One or more products failed to be updated. The error report is available in the Progress column