Consignment UI


Sellers can send their products to the Warehouse. But before that, they have to plan and schedule the reception of the items in the Warehouse.

So on consignment UI you can create consignment order , that contains which items you want to send and what is the quantity for each of them.

International Sellers have to Update the Consignment Order with the information about the date and time of arrival and other details, so that the Warehouse team can be prepared for the reception of the items.

Once the items are inbounded, the Consignment Order has the status received, and Fulfilled by Jumia stock is updated with the quantity of items received.

Advantages of Consignment

  • Faster delivery and lower shipping fees which are incentives for customers to purchase

  • Less storage space is needed on the seller’s side. And sellers can use that space to have new items stored (more inventory available)

  • Better seller score which subsequently drives more traffic to your shop. The delivery is handled by Jumia hence the cancellation rate is close to zero and fulfillment time within 48 hours.

Consignment Order UI Flow