Quality Control

The Quality Control process allows us to ensure that products available for the customer have a good and reliable content and quality. This means that when a product is created or updated goes through this process.

QC Process Flow

Restrictions and Curation Rules


Restrictions are a set of rules that the product creation or update have to pass in order for that action – create or update – to be successful.

If it fails you’ll be able to export the error report on the history import to know which rules failed.

Some examples of restrictions would be blacklisted keywords, prohibited categories or brands for certain countries.

Curation Rules

After passing the restrictions the product is created / updated. But the Curation rules will determine the QC status of the product.

These rules can be, for example, a category that doesn’t need to go through Quality Control.


There are some rules that will set the product as approved right way.


Other rules will set the product as rejected.

Pending QC

If the product doesn’t match any of the rules to be auto-approved ou auto-rejected, it will be set as Pending QC.

If the product is given this status it will have to be Approved or Rejected manually by Jumia QC Team.

The status of the Product can be found on the Products Management table by clicking the Visible or Active icon in the row of the product you want to check.

And then click on QC Status.