Monitoring Promotion

On the main menu you can see a Promotions section, there you can monitor your revenue generated by promotions in the last 30 days and it’s top contributors.



When you go to the Promotion’s management page:

You can see a card of promotions revenue information with total sales from promotions, average before campaign, and uplift.

Also, you can see up to 4 cards with the products with the highest revenue, containing total revenue and uplift.


  • >> You can redirect to the corresponding product details page when you click on one item card.

  • >> If you have no promotions revenue, you will not see cards with the highest revenue items, but you will see promotions revenue information card with 0 values.


You can see “Highlight products” grid with the top four revenue products with the fields: Product name, Seller SKU, Page Views, Items Sold, and Revenue.

You can click on the “View all” option, which redirects to the Promotions Monitoring page to view a grid of all products that are part of a promotion with some KPIs values with the columns: Product name, Seller SKU, Page Views, Items Sold, Revenue, Period of the promotion, and Country (flag).

  • >> You can filter by status (All, Ongoing, and Expired) for promotions KPIs.
    – Filter by ‘All’ is selected by default.

  • >> You have the export option to export promotion products KPIs. When you click on it => A file is downloaded with the product KPIs.

  • You can also apply the filter on export, for example, if you filter by expired then the export should have only product KPIs from promotions that are expired on the exported file.

  • >> Pagination: You are able to navigate to next page, last page, first page and previous page.

  • Items per page: There is the option to choose between 20 or 50 or 100 items per page.