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You’ve joined Jumia Express, created your first PO and have a Drop Off date ? It is time for you to prepare your stock for the inbound!

Inbound Quality Control
Each batch of your product will undergo an quality control check at the point of receipt at our warehouse. Only batches which pass this quality control phase are inbounded into the Warehouse.
This is an important step which reduces return rates, and helps to improve your customers’ satisfaction and your seller score.

See below the “Inbound QC” Guidelines which determines whether your items will be accepted into our Warehouse. Please pay attention to this checklist, as it will save you time at the point of delivery.
WARNING: If 30% of your products of each SKU don’t pass the quality check, the whole inbound shipment will be rejected.

General guidelines
Find here general guidelines you should always comply with:

  • Your shipment must match the detail specified within the PO.
  • Any deviations from the PO such as extra items, incorrect size or colors not included in the PO) will be reject and returned with the delivery representative.
  • All Items must be sorted and batched according to product type, to allow for quick inspection of each product in batches.
  • Items must be suitably packaged for storage and subsequent delivery.
  • Item packaging quality must be in original condition.

Packaging Guidelines

  • Primary Package of the brand packaging of items should be intact (not torn / not scratched)
  • The entire Package should not be damaged / crushed.
  • Bubble wrap should be used to protect the items in the box.
  • Item should be placed in a box or inside Jumia flier after the bubble wrap is done.
  • The items inside the box should not be shaky, everything should be bubble wrapped and cushioned.
  • The size of items should not be bigger than the box.
  • Either plain tape or Jumia tape should be used to pack the items.

Branded Products
Jumia has a “zero-tolerance” policy for Counterfeit / Fake products. The following chart indicates the expected outcome for Branded Items where the physical product differs from the online listing.