1. What are the metrics that affect my seller score?

Your seller score is now calculated based only on your Out Of Stock / cancellation rate and return rate for quality reasons. Before the introduction of TAAC, your seller score was calculated based on your fulfillment speed (within 48h) in addition to your Out Of Stock / Cancellation rate and your Quality Score (average of your rejection & return rates)

2. How do I reach a seller score of 5 to get my products boosted for free with TAAC

Only sellers with 0% cancellation & return rates AND at least 90 days on Jumia AND 60 orders delivered to customers since inception will reach a score of 5/5 (condition required for their products to be boosted). Other sellers with 0% cancellation & return rates will have a score of 4.9. This is to ensure the products of sellers with enough history on Jumia are the ones boosted online.

3. What if I am a new seller?

You start on Jumia with a seller score of 3 until you turn 30 days old on Jumia and you fulfill at least 5 orders. The seller score will then rise or fall depending on your operational performance on the 2 metrics described in point one (1)

4.How is my contribution for the Low seller score calculated?

If your Seller Score is below 3, we will deduct from your payout an amount proportional to both your sales on Jumia and your Seller Score, following the example in the table below.

5. Where can I see the contribution to Low seller Score?

The Contribution for Low Seller Score is displayed in your Seller Centre Account Statement under the “Fees” category.

6. Will I get charged if my seller score is below 3 and I have not made any sales?

You will not be charged a “Contribution for Low Seller Score” if you do not make any Sales since this contribution is a % of your sales of the week.

7. Will I get charged a contribution for low seller score every week?

Not necessarily: a seller only accrues low seller score contribution if his seller score is less than 3 AND he has made sales in the same week.

8. How does Traffic as a Currency help Vendors?

Traffic as a currency is meant to offer the best visibility to sellers with the best operations: the higher your seller score, the more traffic your store will receive on Jumia.

With traffic as a currency, the seller score is calculated based on sellers’ performance on 2 metrics only, over the last 28 days and is refreshed on a weekly basis. This implies that a seller has ample opportunity to recover his score by simply ensuring that his orders are not cancelled and that his items are of good quality. 

On top of that, sellers are no longer penalised for every mistake they make: if their seller score is good overall (above 3) they will not be financially penalized even if they make punctual mistakes (1 order out of stock, 1 return for quality reason…). Indeed, they will only be impacted by the “contribution for low seller score” if they make a significant number of errors, dragging their score below 3.

9. Are sellers still charged for each late order fulfillment on Jumia?

There are no more charges for late order fulfillment with TAAC.

10. Are sellers still charged for returns?

There are no more charges for returns except for counterfeit cases. Please note that counterfeit charges will occur for counterfeit spots at any time of your journey, not only returned items. Also, note that your seller score affects the level of QC check at our hubs. If your Seller score is less than 4, your products will be subjected to a 100% QC check at the hub prior to shipping.

11. Are ALL return reasons impacting my Seller score?

Returns identified by Jumia as damaged by Jumia or customers are no longer impacting your Seller Score (regardless of customer return reasons). Only return reasons related to the quality of the items you shipped impact your seller score.

12. Can I still buy Sponsored Products if I want to boost my visibility?

Subscribing to sponsored products is still an option for improving your visibility even if you do not have a seller score of 5 which allows your store to be boosted under traffic as a currency.13. Can my seller score be amended if I feel there is an error in the Seller score calculation?

Unfortunately, once the seller score is calculated it cannot be overridden. Keep in mind that single errors (made by you, customers or Jumia) now have a very limited impact on your shop: you will only have a low seller score and incur a potential contribution if your overall operations are poor.That being said, if the error you spotted is a valid one and led you to pay a Contribution for Low Seller Score, we will refund you the corresponding amount.