What is Jumia Express?

Jumia Express as a service offers to approved sellers the following:

  • Storing their inventory in the jumia warehouse.
  • Fulfilling orders made by a buyer, which includes, picking, packing and delivering them to customers.
  • Handling customer returns.
  • Guarantee for fast delivery to customers.
  • No commitment: Ability to leave Jumia Express whenever you want.
  • Jumia Express is flexible: Sellers can put some stock on Jumia Express and leave the rest on drop-shipping.
  • Jumia Express is an all-inclusive service, from packaging to return management.

Who is eligible for Jumia Express?

The Jumia Express service is only open to sellers with a Seller Score of 4.

This service comes at a small storage fee and it is recommended for fast-moving products because you would not have to make multiple trips to the vendor drop-off station whenever an order is received.

Why should you join Jumia Express?

 Benefits of  using Jumia express.

 Below are the benefits;

Time saving.

  • Grow your business by keeping your products in the jumia warehouse and focus on sales and marketing. No drop shipping burden.

Fast Delivery.

  • Delight customers with quick delivery as products are tagged Jumia Express on the Website.

Customer satisfaction 

  • All items are carefully packed by Jumia and supported by quality after-sales service doubling your customer’s satisfaction and willingness to buy

Customer Trust.

  • No more cancellations leading to a poor seller score

Grow your sales.

  • Jumia Express is a premium service with guaranteed express delivery

Getting paid.

  • Get paid faster. Fees are automatically deducted from your seller account once your order has been delivered.


  • JE products are flagged with the Jumia express badge and feature at the top of the listings for each category.

Reduce costs.

  • Free storage for the first 15 days after which the storage fee evolves progressively – increasing based on how long the stock stays in the warehouse. No paying for packaging and paper work as Jumia prints for and packs for you.

Choose your stock.

  • Choose which stock you want to put on Jumia express. No obligation to put all your stock on jumia express, some can remain on Drop shipping

Sales Volume.

  • Sky is the limit with Jumia Express, you won’t experience any limits on your daily sales orders.

Aftersales Management.

  • We manage customer complaints, returns and re-inbound items that can be sold again.

Staying on Jumia Express.

  • Join and leave jumia express easily whenever you want. No engagement, no entry fee, you manage your account from your computer.

How does Jumia Express work?

Jumia Express is effortless…

– Your items are stored at the Jumia Express Warehouse.

– We then pick, pack and ship each order directly to your customer.


How do you Join Jumia Express?

To get started, create a request on seller center as shown below:

Step 1. Go to products, then to Fulfillment by Jumia. 

Step 2; Click on Send to warehouse, then to create new request.

Step 3. Add products you want to send to the warehouse, you can add a maximum of 400 products. 

Step 4. Click on Submit.

Step 5: Fulfillment Approval By Jumia 

What happens after submitting your request?

  • After your PO submission our teams will respond to you on email on your booking.
  • Before making your drop off at the warehouse, have 2 copies of the PO printed alongside the invoice of your products.
  • Ensure your products are packaged correctly before drop-off at the warehouse.
  • Seller must provide the list of the products and quantities destined for jumia express. (A delivery note containing a list of individual products and quantities)
  • Seller must drop off the exact quantities as approved in the purchase order.

General Jumia Express Guidelines

  • Minimum Jumia Express inventory level is 5 items per product
  • No fresh foods or plants can be stored in Jumia Express
  • Grocery items must be at least 6 months to expiry date
  • Your shipment must match the details specified on Jumia Express request. Any deviations such as extra items, incorrect sizes or colors not included in the initial request will be rejected and returned with the delivery representative.
  • All items must be sorted and batched according to product type to allow for quick inspection of each product in batches
  • Items must be suitably packaged for storage and subsequent delivery. Item packaging quality must be in original condition.

  If 30% of your products of each SKU don’t pass the quality check , the whole inbound shipment will be rejected

Where do you drop off your stock?

The jumia warehouse is located in Ntinda Plot M232 Ntinda-Nakawa Industrial Park.

How much does Jumia Express cost?

We have introduced a progressive storage fee for Jumia Express items.

Good News: You get FREE storage for the first 15 days on Jumia Express, maximize on this benefit by inbounding stock that will sell out within the 15 days and you can always replenish once all stocks in the warehouse have sold out.

Below are the new storage fees;