Customer satisfaction is for you as for Jumia, the main element of our success. That's why we have created an automated program in Seller Center that aims to protect and improve customer satisfaction :


More informations for you :

  • E-mail notification if you have late orders.
  • E-mail notification if you have too many returns due to quality issues.
  • E-mail notification before any penalty application.

  • There will be a better customer protection policy :

  • Automatic order regulation in case of delays or recurring stock shortages.
  • Automatic sales regulation for items with high return rate due to quality issue.
  • Deactivation of the Seller Center account in absence of seller activity

  • Simple & clear fees to compensate the customer in case of :

  • Order cancellation due to stock shortage.
  • Delivery of bad quality or counterfeit items.
  • For more details about our Jumia Happy Customer Program

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