Become a VIP seller on Jumia

Q & A
Obtain a better badge
With our Advantage Scheme, your engagement on Jumia is rewarded! The more you invest, the more you sell! Get more visibility, a Premium Experience, and much more. Thanks to your online reputation (your Seller Score) and your sales, improve each month to acquire the next badge. We look forward to seeing you with a Gold badge and plenty of advantages!





< 30

> 30


> 30

Your Seller Score

< 4

≥ 4

> 4.5

Number of item sold per month

< 30

< 40

≥ 40

≥ 200

Payment terms





Volume allowance during our big commercial events





Daily Order Limit





Access to Gold & Silver campaigns



Access to vendor partner promotions




Exclusion from customer compensation fees


Additional onsite product boosting




1% commission


Free Content Crestion

Free ksh 900 voucher

Dedicated account manager


Quartely Vendor Dinner


Invitation to Category Insight Events



requirements needed to unlock JAP tier's advantages.

(1) events such as "Black Friday" or "Mobile Week".

(2) "Pending to ship" maximum number of orders allowed at the time.

(3) 1 specific newsletter per week sent to our customers with vouchers available for your best product.