Return to seller & forfeiture of inventory

Jumia may return items to the seller if;

  1. Jumia was not able to deliver the package to the customer after several attempts
  2. The package was delivered to the customer who then decided to return it within the allowed return window of 7 days for some reasons including (receiving damaged,  wrong, expired products)

What happens when an item is returned or fails delivery?

  • Item is sent back to the same hub where it was initially dropped (or put back into the warehouse inventory for Jumia Express products) within 2 days 
  • Items returned to hubs remain there for 7 days, before being moved to the warehouse for 14 extra days
  • Past this deadline, any item not collected gets forfeited, meaning its ownership is automatically transferred to Jumia who can dispose of it at its convenience

To collect your returns, you are required to Create a picker on your Vendor Center, 


  1. On your Vendor Center account – go to settings, 
  2. Navigate to manage pickers
  3. Click on the create picker button
  4. In put the name of person who will be picking your returns
  5. Save

See how to below, 


Once a picker is created you can always present it to the returns manager at the hub to issue out your returns