Manage Order on Seller Center

Every seller will receive an email notification for a new order. All new orders will be on the Pending status and should be moved to the next status Ready to Ship in less than 24 hours. All Ready to ship orders should also be moved to the next status Shipped in less than 24 hours. In total, sellers have 48 hours from the receipt of an order to process it.

How to Process Orders

Step 1: Click on the Orders tab in seller center

Step 2: Click Manage Orders

Step 3: Go to pending orders, Click + sign to expand the package. Hover your cursor on the product name to see an image of what was ordered.

Step 4: To confirm your order, click Ready to Ship (RTS)

Step 5: Click the drop-down arrow to select your preferred drop off Station Eg, Posta VDO STATION

Step 6: Click Create Package & Next


Step 7: Click Ready to Ship. The item will move from Pending to RTS

Step 8: Click on Ready to Ship, then close.

Step 9: Check the boxes to select items for printing or click on the box just before the tab “Print all documents for selected items” to automatically select all orders. Then click Go.

Step 10: Print your document and proceed to the hub for drop off.


  • You can only drop off to the Drop off station you selected.
  • All items need to be packaged before shipping. Packaging Materials can be purchased from the vendor drop off station.

Watch video on how to process your orders here. 

Below is the pricing of the Packaging Materials.

Below are the Vendor drop off stations and locations